Permit Fees

All permits are subject to a mandatory 3% State Surcharge based on permit fee. Other fees may apply.
Call Kim in the Building Department 321-773-3181 for exact totals on commercial, new construction or any project not specifically mentioned below.
Accessory Building w/o electric$50.00 
Accessory Building w/ electric$70.00 
Air-Conditioning w/o Electric$60.00 
Air-Conditioning w/ Electric$90.00 
Deck (wood) new$60.00 
Deck (wood) repair$50.00 
Dock or Boatlift w/o roof - w/o electric$70.00 
Dock or Boatlift w/o roof - w/ electric$90.00 
Dock or Boatlift w roof - w/o electric$110.00 
Dock or Boatlift w roof - w/ electric$130.00 
Dune crossover$70.00 
Electric/Service change/Etc$60.00(Permit not required for riser, weatherhead, meter lug)
Fence - Wood/PVC/chain link$50.00 
Fence w/ concrete columns$80.00 
Fence - block wall$90.00 
Garage door/door/windows$30.00 
multi-units additional$20.00 per unit
Hurricane shutters w/o electric$70.00 
Hurricane shutters w/ electric$80.00 
multi-units additional$20.00 per unit
Illuminated sign$80.00 
Non-illuminated sign$60.00 
Non-illuminated sign w/footer$90.00 
Roof repair (over $200.00)$70.00 
Roof overlay (Shingles)$70.00 
Flat roof, torch down or hot mop$70.00 Includes fire permit for torch or hot mop
Screen enclosure - Pool$80.00 
Screen porch - roof on existing slab$80.00 
Screen porch - roof on new slab$110.00 
Slab/driveway/sidewalk w/footers$110.00 
Swimming pool/spa inground w/electric$195.00 
Swimming pool/spa above ground w/electric$85.00 
Swimming pool - refinish$60.00 
Spa w/electric$100.00 
Moving of any building or structure$160.00 
Demolition of pool$70.00 
Demolition of interior building$85.00 
Demolition of entire structure$110.00 
Seawalls and bulkheads$50.00 per 100 lineal foot (construction, alteration, or repair)
Solar system (pool or hot water heater)$70.00 
Solar photovoltaic system$100.00 
Special events (major)$100.00 
Special events (minor)$50.00 
Temporary signs$30.00 
Water heaters$20.00 
Reinspection fee$40.00 (Double fee for each additional failure of same inspection)


**Plan review fee will be charged at half of the permit fee where applicable.