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NPDES – Illicit Discharge/Elimination


The City of Indian Harbour Beach is operating under Phase II MS4 Permit ID Number FLR04E026. The NPDES is the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and the MS4 is the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System. Minimum Control Measure #3 of the above permit is titled Illicit Discharge/Elimination. This Web Page describes the most frequent actions by neighbors that will cause Illicit Discharges and how citizens can report these discharges to the City for investigation and correction.



Most Frequent Actions That Cause Illicit Discharge


1. Don’t use pesticides – Pull that Weed!!!

2. Irrigate properly to avoid runoff into the streets and storm drains or into canals.

3. Don’t apply more fertilizer than your soil needs. Have your soil analyzed at the County Extension Service.

4. Run all swimming pool water through a filter before discharge.

5. Keep grass clippings off pavement and out of curbs. Blow clippings back onto the lawn and rake up if desired.

6. Wash cars on your lawn. Keep water off paved areas.

7. Create shallow retention areas in your yard and divert driveway runoff to them.

8. Route roof gutter downspouts to grassy areas.

9. Keep your car’s pollution potential low by checking and repairing fluid leaks that will end up on the road and eventually into a waterway.

10. Carry a small shovel and plastic bag when walking on the city right-of-way.



The City of Indian Harbour Beach is also taking action to reduce discharge of pollutants to the MS4.


1. Contracts with pesticide and herbicide applicators will ensure that all staff working on City projects be State-licensed and certified.

2. The City will provide specific stormwater pollution prevention literature to auto maintenance facilities under contract for City vehicle maintenance or to all such facilities in the City.

3. The City will require contractors conducting street sweeping to demonstrate that they dispose of collected material appropriately.

4. Any staff members conducting lawn maintenance will be required to properly dispose of clippings, rather than blowing them into the street or storm drain inlets.

5. Pollution Prevention and Erosion and Sedimentation control procedures are included as a contract requirement for any City construction project.

6. City Staff have been trained in spill prevention and contaminants and illicit discharge identification and investigation.

7. The City adopted Ordinance 2006-3 prohibiting illicit discharge or dumping into the MS4.

8. Dispose of hazardous waste at the Brevard County Land Fill located at 3379 Sarno Road, Melbourne Fl., Telephone – 255-4365. For questions on hazardous waste call 635-7954.


Illicit Discharge Report to the City


If you see your neighbor performing any act that will result in an illicit discharge to the MS4, explain to him/her how this action will result in increasing water pollution. If your neighbor persists in deliberate discharge of pollution into the MS4, notify Code Enforcement at City Hall 321-773-3181. Citizens are also encouraged to report any stormwater runoff or building construction debris that they observe leaving a construction site.

Water belongs to everybody and protecting it is the responsibility of each of us. If everyone would fight pollution on their own turf, in their own backyard, and on their own property, a lot could be accomplished. As the saying goes, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Be part of the solution.